Web Development

when the limitations of the packaged CMS or E-commerce solution are standing in the way of the customers agenda we are offering our custom website development option. Custom development does not imply reinventing the wheel as we use proven frameworks and platforms but still deliver a solution precisely to the specification. Here are some of the benefits of custom website development from Phoenix Digital.

  1. No compromises. No shortcuts. No limitations.
    With the custom website from us you do not have to adjust your specifications to the capabilities of a given platform or change your design visions to fit a template – we deliver the work precisely to your requirements.
  2. Proven delivery framework.
    Proven delivery framework. Building a custom website does not mean reinventing the wheel. We have been in the website business for years and completed MANY projects – our delivery methodology has excelled. We use Our own PHOENIX CMS, as well as Joomla, Wordpress, and other application frameworks in our projects to reduce the development timeframe and yet maintain the highest quality of our code.
  3. Integration with web services and external APIs.
    Custom development allows us to connect your website to any external interfaces and services such as PayPal, UPS, Amazon – you name it. We can also integrate third party plugins and create custom data feeds.
  1. Website Security.
    We stand by our work and take full responsibility for every line of code that we write. We will build a secure website and will work relentlessly to restore the service ASAP in case of an attack.
  2. Scalability. Extendibility. Performance.
    Custom website is built to your requirements and the expected user traffic is one of the most important ones. Your website will be able to stoically withstand the hordes of users and we will devise a strategy for its future growth. We will also help you choose a hosting plan that will fit your exact needs.
  3. Lifetime bug support.
    As we are the ones who wrote the code we know exactly where to look when the problem occurs. Not that it happens often, but in case it does, we provide a lifetime free bug support on any website that we built.

We build websites by followings the methodology that was developed and refined over the years across a multitude of projects.

At Phoenix Digital we utilize state-of-the-art technology to develop a convenient, easy, and enjoyable experience for your customers and provide you with an innovative revenue generating business tool.

Our Services

  • Dedicated Work

    We work with you to develop a site you want

  • Search Engines

    We submit you to all search engines and give you control of your keywords.

  • Multiple Applications

    We can use many different types of applications and create custom apps.

  • Global Service on Time

    We can do your work from anywhere in the world with the schedule we set for your project.

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