If you're looking for a business strategy that integrates the World Wide Web with your marketing goals, you owe it to your organization to learn more about Phoenix Digital, Inc, a full-service Web development and marketing company.

PD, Inc. knows the key to web design success is a step-by-step process that ensures consistent, professional results. From start to launch and beyond, we will work to develop a site that meets your needs and delivers the results you want.

Step One - Market Analysis
In order to create an effective design and layout, Phoenix Design Studio, Inc. first engages in thorough market research. We'll examine your current market situation and use that information to guide all of our design decisions and efforts.

Step Two - Usability Study
Once we understand the needs of your market, we'll determine what should be included in your site and how to simplify navigation. Of course, your input will also provide us with valuable suggestions and insight which will guarantee the quality of the site.

Step Three - Prototype
Now it's time to bring everything together. We work with you to develop a layout, design appropriate graphics, and finalize an efficient navigation structure. Then we create a prototype of the site which you'll be able to view through our special "Client's Area." With your input, we'll continue to refine the site until you are satisfied so you'll know exactly what the finished product looks like in advance.

Step Four - Production
After you approve the prototype, we start turning it into a reality. This step involves optimizing graphics for web viewing, coding the pages into different web languages based on your needs, and testing the site every step of the way for quality assurance.

Step Five - Go Live
Once the site is done and you have approved its final form, it is time to go "live." Now all the hard work pays off and the site will be accessible to anyone on the Internet.

Step Six - Site Promotion
Now that your site is online, it's time to start attracting visitors. All of our web design projects include submission to major search engines (not pay per click) which is an ideal way to begin your site's marketing efforts.

Step Seven - Ongoing Support
Of course even once your site is up and ready, we'll continue to provide you valuable and useful support. As long as you have your site, we'll be there to assist you.

If you're looking for a business strategy that integrates the World Wide Web with your marketing goals, you owe it to your organization to learn more about Phoenix Digital, Inc, a full-service Web development and marketing company.

At Phoenix Digital, Inc, we assess your strategic business needs, whether they include e-commerce, customer service, corporate communications or custom development and deliver real answers with a direct, professional approach. Let us determine a business marketing strategy for your company and create dynamic solutions that combine development, graphic design and online marketing.

Once your Web site is up and running, we work with you to measure performance and improve your site, ensuring that your strategy keeps track with your customers and the changing environment of the Internet.

Our company is continually researching new technologies and developing numerous add-ons for the PHOENIX CMS, and other applications. Our goal is to make the Internet easy to use for all, whether or not you have extensive computer experience. Phoenix Digital is fortunate to have some of the most creative developers as part of this company and their ideas and knowledge has produced a number of copy written applications.

Look at our Services Section and see all we offer. Listed is everything to make your Web site a success, including print designs. At Phoenix Digital, the client is number one, and we work hard to meet all your requests and desires. If we haven't developed an application to fit your requirements, we will do our best to design one with your help. That is how confident we are in our abilities.

Contact us to help your project get off the ground or upgraded today.

Professional freelance / contract programmer, designers.

Over 15 years experience writing self contained programs, owning numerous copy written applications, including large scale content management systems, search engines and E-commerce software for Web sites (Cold Fusion / ASP / SQL - Windows / JavaScript / CSS / Content Management systems / Adobe PhotoShop (most Adobe Products) / Quark XPress / HTML / E-Commerce).

Also, considerable Web site creation, marketing and management experience including support (customer and technical). We offer contractor rates to measure up for both small and large businesses.

We specialize in web programming. We offer writing new scripts, rewriting old ones and bug fixes/changes in scripts. We have experience with large projects and working with code larger than several megabytes in Cold Fusion / php / Java / Ajax / CSS / jquery / HTML 5, etc.. (We do use others and can learn the scripting you may use at no charge). When working on large projects, it is important to divide html code and programming code into separate files. This allows easy design sites; another important factor is to have good styled code. We do object-oriented code. This allows easy feature modification, easy bug fixes and adding new features. It saves time and money.

Our rates are flexible to the size of your project and company. Have us quote your next project; we will work out how the job can be done at an economical price for you. We work with our clients to achieve your goals.

Our Services

  • Dedicated Work

    We work with you to develop a site you want

  • Search Engines

    We submit you to all search engines and give you control of your keywords.

  • Multiple Applications

    We can use many different types of applications and create custom apps.

  • Global Service on Time

    We can do your work from anywhere in the world with the schedule we set for your project.

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